Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ding en zheng from China

I can offer stamps,S/S,sheetlets,booklets,FDC,postal stationery,money and other items etc from China, Japan, Brunei, India, USA, Iran, Vietnam and other countries.
I only collect following topics:
1.Butterfly and butterfly thematically relevant;
2.Primate and primate thematically relevant;
3.Folk costumes and dances.
4.Insects, Fish, Animals, plants, Flowers, Olympic Games, football, table tennis, bridges, space, space flight, aerospace, cartoon, telephones and handset etc.
I need following topics materials:
1.Complete sets mint stamps,S/S,sheetlets and booklets;
2.The postal stationery of mint or used;
3.The covers,cards or used stamps of cancellation with thematic postmark.
I also collect the uncirculated commemorative money and plastics banknotes.
Ding en zheng,
No.3 hospital of Huzhou city,
Zhejiang province,
313000 P.R.China.


  1. i am sorry to write but he us a bad trader.he sent me in exchange less value than he received from me and most of them that he sent not according my want-list.
    i asked him to explan what he did it but more than 1 week I have not any answer from him.

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