Monday, September 7, 2009

Zhang guo qing from China

Zhang guo qing


Xie tu road,

E-mail:- (if can not use, please use following E-mail)

Exchange stamps, coins, banknotes, phone cards, etc.

Dear friend:

I am a Chinese stamps collector.I think exchange somethings with you.I am an honstman. I use Scott catalogue. I can offer P.R.China stamps, postage paid postcards, postage paid envelopes, maximum cards, FDC, coins, banknotes, Used phone cards, etc. Some Hong Kong and Macau stamps, Some world wide topic stamps, FDC, maximum card, world wide used stamps, etc.

I want:- various mint set topic stamps, postage paid postcards; postage paid envelopes, maximum cards, FDC(the best is by real post). The topics are the followings:-

World Heritage, Underground (subway), Aids, Animal, Animal-of-the- year, Antarctica, Astromavigation, Bridge, building, bird, butterfly, bicycle, car, Europa, film, flag, flower, football, Hitler, music, musican, Nobel, No-smoking, Olympic games, plane, space, ship, train, the second world war, the very famous person in the world(especially Chinese know), U.P.U, winter Olympic.

I hope exchange long time and many with you. I can help you look for some of you want China merchandise

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