Saturday, November 28, 2009

Andy Mosko from USA

I am a collector of postally used stamps. Have many thousands to trade. Am primarily interested in recent (2000-2010) TOPICALS/PICTORIALS. However, I am a general collector. Am hoping to set up longterm trading partnerships. Can always send more than I receive. Can exchange with medium to advanced collectors as well as beginners. I do not have wantlists due to time demands. Can also trade first day covers (USA/UN/PR China and Canada plus some worldwide). Have naval covers, flight covers, special event covers, cinderellas, precancels, souvenir sheets (blocs), booklets, USA bureau cards, USA souvenir pages, UN souvenir cards (mint and fdc’s), postal stationery of USA/UN/USSR, and other philatelic material. I am looking for perfins and will send topicals and large world in trade.
Andy Mosko, 6761 E. Kiami, 9Tucson, AZ 85715 USA

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